Nursery Pupils' Work

November 2017

We have been busy in nursery this week thinking about words that rhyme.

We explored lots of pictures and talked with our friends and teachers about what they sound like.

Learning about rhyming words is a very important part of learning how to read! 


Nursery have been thinking about Remembrance Day and how important it is.

We have made clay poppies and painted them. We think you will agree they look absolutely beautiful!


October 2017


We have really enjoyed learning all about Diwali in Nursery! We made beautiful Rangoli patterns by carefully cutting out different chapes and sticking some brightly coloured tissue paper. Look how the sun shines through them on the window! We also made some rangoli patterns in our playdough! We even had a go at designing our own mehndi patterns on some hands. We were so proud of them, we had to show them off on our display! Some of us enjoyed role-playing the story of Rama and Sita with these brilliant masks. What a busy week! 


We have been practising counting on our fingers in Nursery! We had so much fun getting messy with maths! Look how high we can count!

September 2017

Nursery have been thinking about what makes us special and different from each other! We have been looking carefully at our faces and carefully painted these fantastic portraits! They look just like us!