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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham

Blossom Class

Welcome to Blossom Class.

Blossom Class is a friendly multi-aged class where children learn within a smaller group setting. All of the children in Blossom Class have access to the sensory room and shared outdoor areas to support their learning. Depending on their age, some children follow the Early Years Curriculum which is designed to support children’s development. We explore this through a variety of topics and activities that are designed to develop communication, early reading, writing and maths skills. This helps them to understand the world around them and their place in it. Older children work within the National Curriculum and have their lessons differentiated accordingly.

This year our topics are: 

We are all amazing.

We are all storytellers.

We are all adventurers.

We are all superheroes.

We are living in an amazing world.

We care for our amazing world.

Through our exciting curriculum, the children will experience ‘Life in all its fullness.’


We encourage total communication which utilises a variety of methods such as gestures, Makaton signs, objects, symbols, and speech.


We follow the Supersonic Phonic Friends scheme to deliver the teaching of phonics.

Firm Foundations

Firm Foundations in Phonics offers experience, exposure, and enjoyment of sound awareness. This phase is purely about securing a strong sound processing system which is critical to enjoyment and success in children’s later reading and writing skills.

Reading and listening to stories

Children who have begun to read, have a reading practise book which will be closely matched with the phonic sounds they know. Please listen to them read daily, comment in their reading diaries and return to school each day so we can do the same. They also have a book they have chosen for you to read to them.

Younger children who have not yet begun to read will take a book to share which you will read to them. Please comment daily in their reading diaries. These books will also be changed each Friday.


All school uniform including shoes need to be clearly labelled with your child’s full name.

Please ensure your child has a set of spare clothes including socks.

Blossom Class Staff


Ms McIlwain   

Teaching Assistant

Ms Pash



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