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Holly Hill Church School, Birmingham
Frankley Library Christmas Events A message from Frankley Library.Unfortunately we will be closed over the Christmas holidays, so we have to get our craft sessions in before! From the 5th December until the 16th December we will have various craft things happening. During the day we will have out various tree decorations that can be coloured in and taken home. Between 3:30 and 4:30, we will have some Christmas fun packs available, which will include colouring and glitter! Everyone’s welcome. Starting in the New Year, we are looking to run a reading group for children from 3:45 every other Wednesday. Frankley Library Children’s Reading Group is open to any primary school children who are interested in reading and talking about what they’ve read. There will be a member of staff to guide the conversation and make sure everyone gets a chance to speak if they want. The first session will be on the 11th January and will be every other week. There are no requirements to attend every session. [Open Image]
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Maths Mayhem!

29th Sep 2022

The children have been busy counting, recognising and gaining a deep understanding of numbers to 5. They have enjoyed singing number songs and playing number games. Exploring number in a variety of different ways will scaffold their number journey, particularly with understanding number composition. Some of the key question we have looked at this week are:

Which number comes next?

How do you know?

Why do we have to say the numbers in the same order when we count?

How many do you have?

Which number is the biggest/smallest?

All these questions will support the children to start the development of their reasoning skills that are needed later in their life.

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